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From Last to First in Four Weeks  Case Study A

Overactive Bladder

Before Discover Clinical Trials: 
Target recruitment for 12 months: 6 patients enrolled
Actual recruitment after 12 months: 4 patients identified; 1 eligible
Discover Clinical Trials' Rescue Enrollment Campaign initiated. Within 2 weeks, 4 patients enrolled and 17 were in screening/review process. The site requested the sponsor to allow more patients at the study site.
In four weeks after hiring Discover Clinical Trials, this site went from last place in Canada for enrolling men to first place, and from last place in Canada for enrolling women to second place. The first ePatient visit was scheduled within 5 days.
Eligible Patient Within One Business Day  Case Study B

Low Sex Drive in Women
Discover Clinical Trials was hired last minute with a timeframe of 3 weeks to recruit. Discover's first eligible referral was received by the site within 1 business day, and within 4.5 weeks, 4 patients were enrolled through Discover Clinical Trials' campaign. 
"Discover Clinical Trials increased our enrollment from 2 to 6 in a few weeks. I wish we had more time because that was our limiting factor once we discovered them. I would recommend Discover Clinical Trials if you have a study that requires advertising." —Dr. Stuart Weprin
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Efficient Use of Site's Advertising Budget  Case Study C

Arthritis & Heart Disease With Pain Treatment Therapy
Because the sponsor's advertising agency was underperforming for this site, Discover Clinical Trials was hired to provide recruitment for an osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis study using the site's advertising budget. Discover Clinical Trials designed and implemented a complex pre-screening question tree to accommodate the complex inclusion and exclusion criteria and to provide qualified referrals for the study site.
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Phone: 289-288-5026 ext. 160


Discover Clinical Trials combines a unique talent pool of clinical trial professionals: seasoned Principal Investigators, experts in drug development and commercialization, and masters of web-based technology.

Discover Clinical Trials can manage any or all aspects of your recruitment challenge—from launching your central campaign, managing each site-specific requirement, through ethics approval or help with underperforming sites.


Site Placement Planning  Service Demonostration

When combined with enhanced e-recruitment, site placement planning (see video above) leverages local web activity to maximize subject enrollment at individual sites.


How is the "e-Patient" changing clinical trial recruitment?

Despite years of global expansion, protocol refinement and new technologies, estimating patient accrual in clinical trials still remains an inexact science.

Sponsors of clinical research have been expanding into emerging markets, in part, with the hope that accessing new patient populations would provide the silver bullet for on-time trial enrollment. However, global expansion of a clinical trial leads to increased complexity in dealing with multiple regulatory agencies, multiple languages that impact study documentation and the study staff.

The last two years has fundamentally changed how people look for health information. With over 25 billion health related searches per month, internet based technologies have emerged as the fundamental reference source for patients. In fact most patients consult websites, such as WebMD or patient blogs, before they see their physician.

The “ePatient” is a new patient population right in our own backyard! They are highly motivated, looking for a partner in their health care.

Why not leverage this paradigm shift and use these new channels to link patients seeking information to physicians running clinical trials?

Discover Clinical Trials can economically maximize your central campaign's overall enrolment rates. Now is the time to leverage the ePatient. Discover Clincial Trials is an expert in drug development and commercialization, Internet strategy and innovative Internet marketing, and patient healthcare.


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